Wine, Beers, Ciders & Softies

The Barrel Bar, created out of 10m high walls of vintage Wine Barrels is located right in the middle of our festival position! Pop in to keep your glasses full and thirst quenched! (It's great spot for a selfie too!)

The Barrel Bar

You can’t enjoy live music amongst the gums and vineyards without a wine or two right?!

Check out our wine recommendations below:

  • Start the day with a refreshing Lake Breeze Moscato: it is light, spritzy and with it’s uplifting grapey bouquet, your day should be set with a clean lively drink.
  • With lunch why not try the new Lake Breeze Rose: with it’s cherry and strawberry flavours it should keep you feeling elegant and structured. (p.s. read the back label and you’ll see where we grabbed this from!)
  • The sun is starting to set so it’s time to try Lake Breeze’s Signature Red…the Lake Breeze Bernoota: This Shiraz/Cabernet blend will hit you with choc mint, plums and a sweet yet soft spice. Basically meaning..time to settle in and kick back with amazing music!