What’s Your Wine Personality? Match your Spirit to your Grape!


What’s better than a Personality Test? One that matches you with your spirit wine fit for Handpicked Music Festival! Haha well c’mon…we’re winemakers – what did you expect!? 


There’s actually a ridgy didge study now (thanks to OnePoll) that identified 8 different personality types exist in every friendship group. And just like people, wines are particular and drinking them depends on what mood you’re in, the place, the time and even the company. So for a bit of fun…we’ve matched our Lake Breeze Wines to each of OnePolls personalities to help you choose which wine you should drink at Handpicked Festival this year!


So, see if you can spot yourself in the types of friends below!





The Parent


Realistic, Decisive & Organised

You’re the reason your friendship group is even considering coming to Handpicked. You saw the event advertised in July, signed up for the newsletter to get the news first and tagged all your friends. You have an emergency gift drawer and you’re always the friend with Panadol in their bag. Once you get to Handpicked you’ll be needing the first drink!


…Parents, you are Lake Breeze Section 54 Shiraz

This full of flavour shiraz reminds us of you ‘Parent’s’… it was created using a combo of old vine fruit (wise fruit we say) and careful control over the fermentation process, making it a perfectly organised, well thought out drop. It has plenty going on too with a rich, velvety texture with hints of plums & chocolate – it’s old school, classic wine that is just so damn good!





The Go Getter


Driven, Independent & Creative

You’re the person who encourages all your friends (even if they’re kicking and screaming) to get out of their comfort zone and try something new! You’re always on the look out for the next exciting thing to do whether it’s checking out the latest business workshop for inspo or trying that bizarre thing on the menu.


…Go Getters, you are Lake Breeze Vermentino

Vermentino is an up and coming variety in Australia, quintessentially Mediterranean and luckily for us, our vineyard at Langhorne Creek is proving the ideal maritime climate for its production…yay because it’s bloody delicious! Hand harvested & full of love, you can expect hits of fresh pear, orange blossom and a long zesty finish. Its definitely a new one to try!





The Oracle


Insightful, Cultured & Visionary

You’re clearly the wise one amongst your friends – you’ve seen and done a lot and therefore know a thing or two. You’re the one your friends come to when they need advice from the perfect restaurant to take their new date to or in need of some travel tips on that obscure place they’re traveling to.


…Oracles, you are Lake Breeze ‘Bernoota’ Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon

Because you’re the Oracle you likely already know this…but Shiraz Cab blends are uniquely Australian and at Lake Breeze we’ve been blending the two varieties (a match made in heaven!) to make our award winning ‘Bernoota’ for over 30 years. Fun Fact: the two were blended to create a complete, full bodied taste with shiraz’s typical mid palate punch and cab sauv’s big fruit palate at the front but weakness in the middle…wallah!





The Nurturer


Quiet, Kind & Loyal

You’re the conscientious & friendly one in the group. You respect the small group of people in your life by remembering – with great detail – what’s important to them, wedding anniversaries, birthdays and the seemingly insignificant pieces too. You hate drama and for that, you’re the one that keeps the peace amongst your friendship group as you’ll never talk someone down or judge them.


…Nurturer’s, you are Lake Breeze Moscato

With entrancing sweetness (not dissimilar to you) our Moscato is nurtured from the beginning; hand harvested to ensure the berries are not broken, the juice retained and a delicate balance of grapey sweetness and natural acidity remains. This wine is uplifting and delightful…a nurturer’s essence in a bottle!





The Maverick


Spontaneous, Energetic & Enthusiastic

The Maverick is the disco ball of every friendship group, you bring fun and joy with you wherever you go. You pride yourself on your ability to pump your friends up and get them to come out even if they’re already in their pjs picking out a movie on Netflix (truly…hats off…it’s a skill Mavericks). You’re likely the first on dancefloor and the rest of us can count of you to do the ridiculous and keep us laughing.


…Maverick’s, you are Lake Breeze Old Vine Grenache

In a way you’re the easiest to please since you’ll probably drink anything but the Lake Breeze Old Vine Grenache will make your pretty damn happy. This one’s about the palate – lively, bold and spicy this full of flavour wine will complement your enthusiasm without letting the full crazy out right away (when you’re ready for that perhaps go check out our Cocktail Forest menu!)





The Debater


Focused, Intelligent & Curious

You have logical explanations for why things work, love abstract ideas and great conversation; in fact if there’s not going to be great conversation about thought provoking topics then you can count yourself out! Despite your interest in facts and logic, you love to get out and about, even if it is simply to exercise your quick wit!



…Debater’s, you are Lake Breeze Cabernet Sauvignon

The Lake Breeze Cab Sav is a serious, frank, full bodied wine of intense structure and power…a little like you. The fruit used in our Cab Sav is picked from 40 year old vines and hits you with notes of chocolate and intense black currant with a super silky, long finish…the perfect wine for someone who’d normally rather be watching a TEDtalk.





Steady Eddie


Warm, Empathetic & Calm

Thank goodness you’re around hey? You’re usually the first person the others call when things go wrong, looking for an empathetic ear and zero judgements. No matter what, your friends know that you’ve got their back and will always be ready to brighten up their day. In your own life you work hard not to make similar errors so you’re every move is well thought out. You’re laid back but your house is always tidy, you’re always calm and a true glass half full believer!


…Steady Eddie’s, you are Lake Breeze ‘Rosato’ Rosé

Our Rosé is quite simply a crowd pleaser…just like you! The Lake Breeze ‘Rosato’ Rosé is an elegant and structured wine and just don’t even get us started on the gorgeous salmon colour! With hints of strawberry, cherry blossom and white peach this fresh, laid back wine is the perfect picnic drink – cheers to that!






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