A Day in the Life


So we know you’re all itching to find out the lineup and we can’t wait to share it with you!! But at the moment we’re unfortunately still bound to secrecy so instead I thought I’d pass the time by sharing with you all how The Handpicked Team pass the time..all day, every day!



Now don’t get me wrong…we work hard…but we’re all fairly accustomed to “easing” into the working day (haha!) so 9am is strictly for coffee, family chats, the occasional wine tasting (yes at 9am…don’t judge!) and casual banter! Nanny usually strolls over, still in her dressing gown to join in before its back to our desks to head down, bum up.



By 10am we’re stuck into the sea of emails that has accumulated over night (something I learnt fairly quickly in the entertainment industry is it doesn’t sleep! I’m totally used to putting my professional voice on at 12pm on a Tuesday night when I get a call from an artist’s manager…no, I’m not in bed, are you?)



I try to squeeze a meeting into my mornings most days to touch base with the amazing group of people that make up our Handpicked Team. InFront Events have been with us from day 1 and help us with all things sponsorship and artist rights. Huge shout out to Nikki (the Spreadsheet Queen) who has to deal with my constant late night emails and graciously edits all of my paperwork errors! If I’m not working through a project with them I’m chatting to my PR Team about all things fun and exciting! haha I do love this part. Together we come up with how we’d like to launch particular dates (ie. Artist Announcement..watch this space!!) activations/events, ambassadors, media releases and more! I might meet with our Glamping Manager to discuss Tent City including everything from the styling of the tents to the port-a-loos!



Lunch. Yay.

Now no paying me out here but I could go upstairs and eat my lunch on the Deck (only it’d look less like this feast Lake Breeze’s Chef has whipped up and more like a sad vegemite sandwich) but I typically walk the 13.5 steps (no I did not count them!) to Nanny’s house and sit at her kitchen table and eat my lunch…that she most likely cooked for me…I never said I had it tough people!! This is actually one of my favourite parts of the day. I love downloading everything thats swarming around in my head on to that kitchen table and whether she cares or not she listens to it all and then usually ends up making a dirty joke or something. Its good…it always keeps me grounded and calm…ish. haha



By 2pm I’ve probably had 5 texts, 20 emails and a couple missed calls from artists, up and coming performers, stall holders, wine enquiries and even a wedding enquiry or two! So I spend the next few hours liaising with them, discussing set plans, organising travel plans, accommodation, green room requirements, catering preferences…the list seems to get bigger every year! But I love it! My sister usually gets a call up around this time every day too…with her work she’s always online which much to her dismay means I know she see’s each and every thing I flick to her for her opinion…and I also know she can’t help but respond!! Win win for me!



By 4pm I’m usually sitting at my Uncle Rogers desk with a coffee brainstorming more ideas on how to improve and grow Handpicked…I never stop dreaming haha. It’s around this time that I touch base with the talented local food trucks managers that fill our Food Garden or the talented local artisans that will form our on-site marketplace The Lane. We’re always looking for new talent/goodies so if you are or know anyone who’s products and/or services would suit The Lane feel free to contact us here!



I try to be home around 5pm so I can catch my Dad for a walk with his dogs around the farm….but sometimes this ends up being an after dinner walk as like I mentioned before, the entertainment industry does not sleep. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Either way, you can bet by sun down you’ll find me on my front porch overlooking the vineyards with a glass of something in hand (drink of choice at the moment is Lake Breeze’s new Rosé…Rosato…a must try!)

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