‘The Lane’ Inspo


As you’ve probably already heard….(because we don’t stop harping on about it!), Handpicked is sooo much more than just the music acts! After securing our lineup (which we’re dying to let you all know…watch this space!) We get to start planning the bits that make Handpicked that bit more unique. My sister and I like to get our creative hats on (ie. scroll pinterest, google and insta for hours over netflix!) for inspiration and ways to surprise and delight our Handpickers each and every year.



So lets start with The Lane – Handpicked’s very own market place. What started out as a way to support some gorgeous local friends and show off what they do best is now a market strip, 30+ metres long dotted with local artisans and their goodies!

Now originally I had always envisioned ‘The Lane’ in amongst all of our gum trees, beneath a sea of twinkling festoon lights but all of my 3 Uncles said (in the nicest way possible) “ahhh….no Kate, that won’t be happening!” haha – so instead we created a street-like vibe along the winery’s barrel shed wall and fossicked through Grandpa’s old cattle yards for worn timber. Nanny trumped this further by handsewing over 100m of fabric bunting!

So without further adieu…here’s what we’re thinking for 2017!



These stalls have me all starry eyed…if anyone knows the sources and more importantly…the location of these images please let me know because I’ll be on the next flight!!



Channelling my inner girl a bit here but lets be honest…The Lane is all for the females!!

Read more about The Lane here

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